Commissions FAQ

Q: What miniatures do you paint?

A: I am open to pretty much anything. I have almost all of my experience with 28 mm scale miniatures. Any genre is fine with me.

Q: How are your transactions handled?

A: I accept PayPal, cash, check, or money order via mail.

Q: How can I help make these non-PayPal payments more secure?

A: I would suggest backing any envelopes with sheets of 8.5 X 11 paper.

Q: How do I start the process of commissioning you?

A: Send me an e-mail or use the order form on this site. Once We’ve worked out what you want painted and to what quality, as well as any specific instructions, send me your miniature and I’ll get to work.

Q: How does the commissions process proceed after I place my order?

A: Once I receive your miniature(s) I will place them in the queue. I will promptly begin work on your commission as soon as possible and I will send you multiple WIP (work in progress) shots along the way via e-mail. Once I’ve sent you the final WIP shots, I will ask that you send me the payment via PayPal or (for those choosing to send payment by mail) send the first half of your payment as well as money for shipping (usually $5). Once I get that money, I’ll ship you your commission straight away with whichever shipping method you wish. Once you’ve received your miniature(s), then you will ship me the other half of your payment.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Depending on how you’d like an order shipped, keeping in mind that first class (4-day) shipping runs about 3-5 dollars for a single mini, that is how much it will cost. I will let you know how much it comes to via e-mail, but as a simple guide for single mini’s: standard shipping runs ~$4, delivery confirmation first class runs ~$5, 3-day runs ~$7, 2 day runs ~$16, and overnight runs ~$35.

Q: What if i want to change the paint scheme?

A: I would be happy to make any changes along the way. Please keep in mind, it takes a great deal of time and effort to paint your miniatures, especially at a high quality. With this in mind, I do not appreciate a last minute request at the final WIP stage of ‘Could you make the primary colour red instead of green?’ If you really need to make this change, e-mail me and we will work it out. Keep in mind also that it will cost more money for any major changes such as the one listed above, as it takes painting hours away from other customers in the queue for commission.

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