About This Site

Hey all,

This is a painting service given to you by me, Matt Susalka. I specialize in high quality single miniatures and display-level elite squads and retinues. Basically, my services are best suited for you to get that centerpiece miniature or squad in your army or collection to really ‘pop’ and catch the eye of the gamers in your area, and to be honest, most of the miniature gaming world. They *will* be jealous of your model, trust me :)

With this in mind, peruse the pictures,  the testimonials of previous and current clients and people who have seen my work firsthand, and feel free to contact me or ask for painting advice. This website is dedicated to providing you the best painted miniatures on the web as well as an insight into my painting style, techniques, and progress. I’m here to help you and get your miniatures turned around and back to you quickly and professionally, and to help you develop as a painter.

-Matt Ragnar Susalka

*A note on how to read my blog entries: The standard titles of my blog posts will consist of either ‘Current Commission’, ‘Current Competition’, or ‘Current Project’. The first is self-explanatory. The second refers to the current competition I’m currently (or most recently) entered into or will soon be attending. The last refers to the current miniature I’m working on for myself (a personal side-project or my own army, for example)


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