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Current Commission

So, I’ve finished Lord Spinetail of the Skaven, made to look extra diseased and dessicated. It’s painted to my display quality. Please let me know what you think.


Attention Future Commissioners

So, I’ve got a lot of customers lately, and I’m loving it. the only problem I’m having is gettig around to my stuff every once in a while. After receiving lots of pressure from my painting buddies to go with them to enter into a Golden Demon, I’m convinced I have to try. So, after I’ve completed the orders I have on my plate now, I’ll be taking a short break to get an entry or 3 painted up. Right now, I’ve got one order for C, one for Donny, and one for Mark. After that though, I’ll be on a short leave. I’ll keep updating here and will come back to taking commissions, but for now, I need a break after these. Take care guys, and thanks for all of the business so far!!

Back to Painting

Hey everyone,

so after X-rays, stretching, and copious amounts of Icy Hot cream, I’m back to painting. Oh, for those of you who don’t know, just crawled out of a major rollover car crash two weeks ago and thankfully got out alive and without any broken bones or becoming paralyzed….

just concussion and whiplash, lol. I was asleep in passenger seat when we were T-boned by a lady driving the wrong way on the highway. fun times