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Current (future) Commission

So, another irregular entry here. I was scheduled into a painting competition held on and I also had a commission a few steps down the line which matched the quality I would paint for a competition. I figured I’d kill two birds with one punch and here’s the outcome:


I want your feedback!

Hey everyone,

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on my blog, painting style, anything. Let me know if you have any requests/would like advice about any techniques, kit, paints, tutorials, you name it. I’m all ears :)

happy painting!

-Matt Susalka

Current Commission

Mark O’s commission is finally complete with the addition of the last Land Raider Crusader!

(pictured next to it is a terminator he had sent me for colour matching reference)

Current Commission

The rest of the Terminator Squad for Mark is now complete. Take a gander: