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Current Competition (Update)

well, now that the comp is underway and I’m handily in the lead, here’s the photo of my mini:




He was a rush job, taking me only about 7 hours to paint, but he was fun and was perfect for this sort of small, monthly painting competition. Stay tuned for next month, where it will be a bracket style comp. where only one winner is possible! (I’ll be facing off against one or two Golden Demon entrants/honorable mentions, so stay tuned)

Current Commission

My now well-established commissioner, Mark O., has given me a good chunk of work on his Imperial Fists army. I’m now (after getting back from spring break) to paint 2 Land Raider Crusaders and 10 TH/SS Terminators to my Champion quality. Here are some of the terminators:

Current Competition

The competition I’m gearing up for now is my first Painting Deathmatch hosted by

For the sake of secrecy, I can’t post the model I’m painting openly, so please accept my apologies in what will be a delayed piece of eye candy for you all.


A brief description of Painting Deathmatch:

every month, mini wargaming members randomly chose one ore more models to paint and are then either randomly assigned or have previously established challenges against other painters on the site and then the winner is chosen by vote on the site by all other members.

it’s a great idea in my opinion, and something I am going to look forward to every month

Current Project: Librarian

Hey all,

right now I’m working on a librarian I hope to enter into a future Golden Demon. I’m not entirely sold on the paint scheme at the moment, but I’ll figure things out as I go. Here he stands after about 26 hours of blending and glazing: